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Kick Start  - Josh Lanyon

This was just a big blah.  Sorry, it just was really bad, boring and didn’t feel up to par with Lanyon I used to read.  I mean I loved Will and Taylor initially.  Two friends who are partners in the law enforcement field share loads of sexual tension and angst.  I ate the first few books up, but it seemed that the author was determined to keep having David Bradley play this ridiculous part in Will and Taylor’s relationship and have Will continuously question their relationship until it grew tiresome, irksome and I wanted to dump Will into shark-infested waters.  The series started going downhill for me but it was the last book that pretty much did me in and yet, I hoped that with this much time off between books; Lanyon would have wrote and closed Taylor and Will’s relationship with the spark he began the books.


However this isn’t even the end of the series, the plot was BORING AS HELL, I still don’t understand why these two are together and I’ve lost any attachment I once held for the couple.  The family dynamic didn’t feel new even if it was a new situation, because the same exact issues keep arising over and over.  How long are we going to bring up Paris?…as often as David Bradley was used in their relationship to create ridiculous outside issues?  Here’s my thing: Will if you can’t admit and show Taylor that you want to be his equal, do everyone a service and leave.  Taylor, if you can’t get over your anger and trust Will (I don’t blame you, by the way) then move on to a better man.


The P.I., WITSEC guy, even Will’s brother and family just didn’t go anywhere for me.  This will be where I stop with the series.  I enjoyed and loved the couple in the first two books but they are getting tarnished for me and I want to leave the series with a few happy memories.