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Armed & Dangerous - Abigail Roux I'll probably put more of a detailed review up later. Below may have mild spoilers, read at your own risk.What can I say? I was one of those people that was blind rage angry at the last book. I was like explain this and that, what the fuck Nick?!?! And with this one everything was explained. The I Love You from Zane, why Nick chose to act that way, the holding back, etc.The necklace is given to Ty, and it was done in a proper way. It wasn't a marriage proposal (yet), but it was a symbol from him to Ty. It was casually done in only a way Zane could do with those amazing lovable eyes Ty could give him. The sex: I literally sat down and cried at the opening sex scene. It was everything to me. It had nostalgia, love, and hotness. They made comments that both of them have said throughout the series while staying in the moment. However, for a reader, having those nostalgic moments to tie back into their journey was so important. The "are you feeling this too?" Gahhhhhh, kill my heart now. It was amazing. The sex scenes/moments: is it possible you need a fan to cool off from a book? Good, lawdddyy. *pant pant*I hated Nick in the last book. HATED him. In this one, when I first read it I was all mehhhh. I had sympathy for his POW status, but not how he acted with Ty & Zane. However, the longer I sat on it the longer everything began to fit for me. How although it may on the surface not relate: war torn anguish with real time laughter and love, it all interacts and affects how these men act and love. I got him. I felt for him. Dare I say I grew to love him? He is no threat to Ty & Zane. He is a friend that loved a fellow friend for years. Now that everyone is aware of the situation he can move on. Zane can be the confident man he once was in knowing Ty is his man despite both of their faults. And deep down I would never have felt right with Ty losing his best friend over that. I"m glad too that it was done between Zane and Nick alone. The roadtrip: I wasn't sure I'd like that aspect, but for this book it felt right. From book 2 through 4, the boys have been stagnant. Trapped in West Virgina, on a cruise ship, and in their own emotional prison in their apartments. In this book, everything was out in the open and progressing. Their emotions, their travel, and who they were opening up with each other. It was enlightening, fun, and sigh worthy. FINALLLLLLLY.For those wondering about Cameron and Julian: if you were a huge fan of them before, I think this book will get you even more excited. If you weren't, well I don't think they are in it enough to be that distracting. While there is a crossover, this book is all Ty and Zane. It was nice, however, to see Ty & Zane interact with individuals that were gay, not in their work field, and not family. Maybe down the road they will even have them as friends. But, Cameron and Julian are easy, and the dynamics between Julian and Ty were hilarious. Not to mention when Zane went all badass on Julian I may or may not have done a little fist pump.The ending. Its not a cliffhanger, but its not a HEA. How can it be with more books in the series? However, goddamnnnnnnn, its what we've been waiting for. An ending that has relationship progression that shows the readers that big decisions can come with pure joy and happiness. Yes, they know the road ahead might have some battles, but dammit they believe in each other, they are honest now, and they both know that they aren't willing to ever lose the other.All in all, a fantastic read!!