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Idaho Pride - Sarah Black Truthfully, this is more like a 2 for me. I can appreciate the tough subject matter though so I bumped it up another star. My problem with this was the random writing. I never felt like any of it fit with the characters presented. One moment its sports talk, and Lee is not gay. Next thing you know he's describing porcelain skin, spun silk hair, melting chocolate body, pineapple pits, and ocean, salty cock. I mean where in the hell did any of that come from? Secondly, I'm supposed to just believe in the romance of Lee and Jeremy, but I never really saw any reason to. I never saw moments with them together to believe that a relationship for them made sense. It was all rose-colored couches, fruit salad ass grabs, beautiful men wearing aprons and baking cookies. This book was just completely all over the place that I never knew what to make of it. For me, the author tried to fit way too many issues in 100 or so pages that none of them got the words and time that they deserved. Also, the thing with Luis really bothered me how it was written. ok, so Lee knows several other underage boys have committed suicide after sleeping with Affar and getting hit & verbally abused. He knows the sheriff's son did. So after finding out about Luis, he calls the sheriff and tells him to come over and watch Luis. The sheriff says he will be there in 10 min and then Lee leaves to find Affar. WTF?!!!! So, you don't think 10 min is enough time for a sobbing, abused 16 year old to kill himself after discovering the 30 something year old man he likes is a jackass? Why couldn't Lee just wait for the sheriff? Or better yet, let the sheriff handle it? It just felt so completely nuts. I can't say I liked this book at all. It almost felt like 3 different authors wrote this or else the author wrote sections in completely different points in her life.I'm tempted to read the sequel just to see if it gets better, but frankly I have no desire to right now.