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I love books from all genres, but right now I'm on a mystery, contemporary, and YA kick.  I have two cats, Monkey and Peepers.

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My Fair Captain - J.L. Langley Maybe I'll give a more detailed review later, but my rating goes on obviously my personal dislikes. I don't like insta love. Yes, yes, I have given some books high ratings with insta love but for whatever reason I must have really loved those characters. Obviously, this not so much.Secondly, the sir/boy aspect of this book was just not sexy to me at all. I've seen it used in some books and found it hot, but this just felt icky and cheesy.Thirdly, jesus christ!!! How many names did each character have??? I swear each character had 3-4 names. Too confusing and pointless.I didn't care about the mystery...at all.The virginal only sleep with men only hopefully maybe birth men aspect was weird.Was Aiden supposed to be endearing? Sorry, I found him tiresome and intensely annoying.Trouble, Hawk, Jeremy, little pest, complete nuisance whatever please go the fuck awayyyyyyyyy.The next book comes highly recommended. Hopefully its better.