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Taming Tristan (Wild R Farm, #3.5) - Silvia Violet 3.5 stars This short story is part of a series and provides a sexy glimpse into shifter, Tristan Hayes’ and Private Detective, Wesley James’ new lives as a couple. I actually haven’t read any of the books in the series, Wild R Farm, so this was my first glimpse of both the series and this author. Also to note, this is sex. Sex, sex, sex, and more sex. But you know what? None of that mattered. I didn’t feel lost, and I understood exactly what this couple was all about, and the sex was varied and hot enough that I loved it. It helped that it was only 62 pages, too.The sex scenes explore handcuffs, spankings, dirty talk, and even some broken furniture, but it’s still layered with plenty of sweetness. There are a few things that may turn off/on readers such as the use of the words ‘mine’ and ‘baby’, an instance of an ass fluttering, some sweet after love tears, and a lot of chests tightening with emotion. I still enjoyed the characters despite these aspects and look forward to starting this series from the beginning.Where this short shines is absolutely in the characters and their natural chemistry. Tristan is a seductive flirt, spitting out demands and pleas with equal gusto, and absolutely into his partner. I thought the fact that the reader gets a different take on shifter books (horses!!) was both fresh and funny, although Tristan never shifted into his horse form. Wes is solid. He’s there to balance out the more quick-fire temperament of Tristan, and he clearly loves everything about Tristan, even when infuriated with his antics.One of my favorite scenes was at the gun shooting range and actually had no sex. No really! Wes teaches Tristan how to fire a weapon, so that he’ll be able to protect himself in human form (especially after Tristan’s kidnapping in the previous book that focused on this couple), as well as his shifter horse form. That scene contained puns and more puns, sensual flirting, and a clear image of a man’s forearms and another man behind him breathing on his neck trying to distract him.I loved that even without prior knowledge of this couple I got the absolute sense that Wes steadies Tristan, and at the same time, completely frees him. Tristan wants Wes to dominate him, to consume him, to need him just as much as he needs Wes. This love on both of their parts is new, scary, exhilarating, and they are both still discovering things about their partners that surprise them and make them fall even more in love.A really cute, sex-filled short with two enjoyable characters.