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So, I haven’t read the previous two books in this series and I was able to understand and follow just fine, in case anyone was curious. This is the story of Dale and Adam – two high school best friends who acted on an attraction right after they graduated high school and right before Adam left for the military. They lost contact until their ten year reunion where they once again acted on a mutual attraction before Adam crushed Dale’s heart. The time has come for their 20th high school anniversary and Dale is determined not to let history repeat itself.


Of course things do and they are both left to deal with the aftermath and the knowledge that Adam will be retiring from the Navy soon. They definitely want to rebuild their friendship, but Dale needs more, he needs a promise and he needs to know what happened in the past won’t happen in their future.


This was surprisingly less angsty that I thought it would be, certainly more hot than I expected, and overall, I really enjoyed this book. There were some small niggles for me such as I loved, loved Adam and Dale’s interactions, yet I found their interactions with Dale’s friends (the couples from the first two books) to be stilted and awkward. How many times is the reader going to get the same Ethan is old joke? Enough, please. How many times do I need to read about how sexxxxxxy Keiran is or how he turned Alex in to a naughty boy? I get it. Really. How many times am I going to read that Dale wonders if the other two other couples are getting it on behind closed doors and he’s jealous? Jesus, just ask if you can join in! It was repetitious and I just wanted to get back to Dale and Adam.


Another small problem was that I didn’t really get much bonding time with the guys as a couple. Like sure they were best friends twenty years ago, and sure they are IM’ing, Skype’ing, etc. but the reader doesn’t read that many conversations between the two. Although the part where Adam told Dale sometimes people need to take things slow kind of melted me a bit. However, sexually these guys were stupid hot together and I definitely felt a connection with them as a couple there. I liked that they agreed to start out as friends and had small little trips here and there. It’s not that I don’t believe them as a couple; I just wish I’d gotten a tiny bit more.


But this was fast and sweet and hot…I’d read more in this series for sure.