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Bone Rider - J. Fally

I loved this book so damn hard!!! I love the characters, the humor, the action, the fact that the author wrote something so crazy and different and took chances and things are a mish-mash of every genre, but it all works. J. Fally is probably one of those authors that I’d love to go grab a beer or glass of wine with and discuss our favorite movies, books and the like because I’m dying for a sequel with these characters and this world. Sequel talk: more on that later because I will use whatever Tumblr inspiration pics I can find to inspire the woman for more!


OK, so as a Die Hard/District 9 aliens are among us! with assassins! and caves! plot this had it was basically straight-forward. An alien weapons-and-armor system abruptly crashes on Earth – right next to some military folks. These aliens use host bodies and as they fight with the humans, one particular alien decides to fight in a different manner, to take a different course. It manages to escape and enters cowboy Riley Cooper. Riley is fleeing from his hit man boyfriend, Misha. Misha and his friends and partners Andrej and Koyla are coming after Riley, but probably not for the reason he believes. So, cowboys, Russian hit men, aliens, military, road trip, etc. Just trust me. The alien or System Six invades Riley and uses him as his host. This is a pertinent part of the book, the relationship between man and alien, but this particular man is of most importance.


System Six or McClane as he begins to call himself after watching Die Hard has had other hosts before, but never anyone he bonded with on a real level. Riley and McClane bicker, they make each other laugh, they confide in each other, protect each other and sometimes need a stern talking to in order to not stray and do something crazy…like blow up humans. It’s a relationship the reader has to look at differently than Riley’s relationship with Misha. There is love there, even love similar to Misha, but it is most certainly a different and intriguing relationship. One I felt I just barely scratched (much like McClane does to Riley when he’s tense).


One thing I want to mention is McClane is hilarious as hell!! His running commentary on how yucky certain people were and his pride at holding back from killing characters or that he wanted “mancakes” made me *die*. He’s indignant, slithery, dangerous, confused with emotions, and he’s insistent that he’s not a parasite. He’s wise and clever, even.


“McClane’s not real,” he argued, once he was coherent again. “He’s a movie character. He’s make-believe.”


“All names are make-believe”.


The side characters brought me big smiley face joy because they stood out!! They had quirks and their relationships with the main characters and each other were all just slightly different and unique. The bromance between Misha and Andrej is probably my favorite friendship in a book this year, aside from Merrick and Crane from The Magpie Lord,. Dr. Butler is a female that I admire, that intrigues me and I’d love more background story and future story with her. General Young had many facets because he was tough, of course, but he felt conflicted on many things, knew he might be wrong on several things, but the man kept on fighting. There are many more (with accompanying point of views) but I never felt confused with that and it kept me invested in all of the characters throughout. My only complaint is with so many point of views it did hinder me from getting to know any one character completely.


A morning scene and a shocked character in a car was powerful. Punch in the gut powerful.


The relationship between Riley and McClane is complex, especially given Riley’s relationship with Misha but it all works. I don’t understand how it does, but it’s fascinating and sexy and I would gladly be the third/fourth in that party.


This book is over the top and non-stop and many might roll their eyes, but I ADORED it. And what kills me – KILLS me – is a hinted at relationship between Andrej and his friend J.C. (I won’t go too much into J.C. because it’s best that readers experience the ride of the book than me go plot point by plot point). I don’t know if J.C. and Andrej are boinking but let me tell you – they are missing out, if they aren’t. Those two gahhhhhh sigghhhhh thud. Oh come on!!! Give. It. To. Me.


This would make a perfect movie and I felt I only just got the beginnings of these characters and I mean that about every single one of them. I could read off-shoots about any of them and be happy, because the other knows how to write interesting and funny people. One of my definite faves of the year. So happy this gem came upon me towards the end of the year, too, to end it all amazeballs. I would hi-five McClane right now if I could.