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I love books from all genres, but right now I'm on a mystery, contemporary, and YA kick.  I have two cats, Monkey and Peepers.

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Hard-ass is Here - S.C. Wynne

So this is a short novella about two businessmen coming together due to some theft at their job. Senior Analyst Taylor Williams is in charge of the New York account and can’t explain to his superiors how the money is continuously being taken. The company brings in Regional Manager Phillip Daniels to investigate and catch the thief.


These two instantly have conflict due to the fact that Taylor knows he’s not the thief, but can’t provide who is stealing from the company. Phillip doesn’t want to believe it’s Taylor, but he initially does despite having an attraction to his subordinate.


I really enjoyed this for the easy chemistry the two characters had with one another, and I genuinely liked both Taylor and Phillip. The backstory with Taylor and his ex I also found interesting because he was embarrassed about the incident, knew he should probably feel regret, yet still felt some residual anger and the desire to do it again. And considering how short this story is the characters don’t necessarily have insta-love. Their attraction and interest in the other felt natural and I didn’t find the hesitancy over-the-top or wishy-washy. The scene after they first have sex and Phillip is coming to terms with the fact that he really likes this man, a man he’s supposed to be investigating, and Taylor might have played him or be more of a party-boy than he thought was written really well. Loved that whole bit.


This is definitely more of a HFN, but even that is kind of being label happy, since the reader is left more of just the start of their relationship than even in the middle, so I’d like a follow-up or a full-length novel with these two.