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Just a Drive by Tere Michaels

Just a Drive is the story of Wyatt and Benji that know each other through work dealings, and Wyatt plans on having a one-night stand with the handsome, younger man. He receives a call from his best friend the next morning, and Benji offers to drive him out of state, and the relationship progresses from there.

This story made me cry…more than once. That doesn’t happen. Benji, sweet, perfect Benji. That man has made it onto my fictional husbands shelf, and I could roll around in sighs forever for that man. Patient, genuinely kind, funny, gorgeous, confident, but still has just that hint of insecurity that comes across endearing rather than grating. And I related to Wyatt in many ways, and watching his walls crumble was beautiful and believable. The scene at the piano?? Good heavens, pass me that Kleenex box.

Rated: 5 stars

Just a Stranger by Elle Brownlee

Just a Stranger is a story about cop Michael and businessman Andrew out at a bar and feeling completely out of sorts. The club life and partying isn’t what either of them is comfortable with and both meet each other in the corner of the bar. They spend a night together, both wanting more, but Andrew feels his secrets will prevent him from ever dating someone seriously.

I thought this started out really great before the secrets came out, and then once that happened, everything kind of got maudlin and sappy. Not bad mind you, but it wasn’t what I was expecting and the tension left the story. I wanted more heat between the two characters, and Andrew and Michael are a bit like sugar all over the place. It’s still enjoyable, but just go in prepared that the ‘secrets’ aren’t quite as tragic or mysterious as you’d think. Also a lot of family members and little kids surround the two main characters, and I would have liked more focus on just Andrew and Michael.

Rated: 3 stars

Just a Weekend by Elizah J. Davis

Just a Weekend is again a short that started off GREAT. I loved both James and Devin and even James’ friend, Kara. Devin is the younger, pretty boy used to a quick hook-up that isn’t really that picky when it comes to partners for a night. James is just going through the motions, the dependable guy that doesn’t really think that he deserves or can get better than the occasional night of sex with his sleazy ex.

OK, so I enjoyed the premise, and I even thought the characters had some hot chemistry between the two of them, especially when Devin first went to James’ house and started looking around and climbed on top of him while on the couch. But then…kids. I get it; it’s my issue. Look, I don’t mind kids and I certainly usually can take them in small doses like a short story, but I just love books with lots of unresolved sexual tension that isn’t because of kids running around. This short was definitely cute and I loved Devin, but it got a little predictable, a little too sweet, and I wanted them to work for it a bit more.

Rated: 3 stars 

I’d still recommend this anthology when you want something nice and easy, and I’d absolutely re-read the first story any time I want a happy pick-me-up!!!