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I love books from all genres, but right now I'm on a mystery, contemporary, and YA kick.  I have two cats, Monkey and Peepers.

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Pale As A Ghost - Stephen Osborne

Private Detective Duncan Andrews has a complicated life. He has a ghost for a boyfriend, a witch best friend, a lovable and hungry zombie dog, and he solves unusual crimes on top of that. In this first installment, Duncan has been hired for two separate cases, a blue female ghost haunting a family and finding a missing, rebellious girl. Along the way, he meets Nick, a man that just may convince Duncan to move on from his dead boyfriend and start dating someone human.

OH…OH…OH…how I heart this special, lovely book. It caught me by surprise, as I had never even heard of this author before, and didn’t have any expectations. But it’s everything I could ask for in a story. It made me LAUGH and laugh and laugh some more until I cried. It even caused me to laugh unexpectedly, which are always my most attractive and “barkish” laughs. Morton’s salt and a ghost defending his man. That’s all I can say. But it’s more than just incredible wit. Duncan is smart, patient, devoted, self-deprecating, sarcastic, and relatable. His boyfriend, Robbie, is someone I just want to hug and protect, and he’s so abashedly adorable that I loved him the way Duncan loved him. And the moments where they slowed down their banter and really talked and revealed their sadness at their situation broke my heart. They can’t be intimate because the effort it takes for Robbie to become more human-like weakens him too much. There are a few times where he musters the strength to hold hands with his love or to kiss him, and I felt so much compassion for them both.

But there is more to this book than even Robbie and Duncan. There is Gina, Duncan’s kickass best friend and witch, who is understanding, funny, and I loved all her powers and observations. The zombie dog, Daisy, is hysterical as she chases squirrels to eat. Even the lesser secondary characters held my interest. From Kevin, the teenager who loved the Jonas Brothers, to Brenda, Derek, Caleb and more. Both of the cases Duncan worked on were vastly different, but they were quick. The pace was perfect, and I never felt any of it dragged. Just the RIGHT mix of action, humor, love, gore, and world-building.

I have only two tiny niggles. Nick, the secondary lust interest, whom I found pretty bland. I’m glad he came across that way, though, because not once did I feel any heat between him and Duncan, and it’s like observing a couple that has been slogged in mud versus a shiny diamond with the pairing of Robbie and Duncan. Those two fit and are meant to be together (I hope, I hope…please…please), and Nick was just there. The other thing was the author has a tendency to use the phrase “made a face” too much rather than switch it up, but like I said, tiny niggles.

Highly recommend for a fast-paced, amusing mystery.