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Laurel Heights - Lisa Worrall I'm trying to think how I want to rate this because there were things I loved and things I hated. But while I ponder my rating and future review let me just say if this book was given anything more than a spell check, I'll eat paper. Seriously, the 'editor' should be fired. However, I was absolutely addicted to reading this crazy story & kept tapping my Kindle furiously to read more while my eyes went like this: O_oThe sex was hot as hell when there weren't 8,000 ellipses thrown in. Scott Turner & Will Harrison don't need an italicized nickname every 2 pages, as well. That epilogue cracked my shit up & I got all excited until I read there won't be a sequel. Then, I got I don't know I guess annoyed. My guess is it's David because of the bruising they saw on his back. I felt though that Scott & Will's HEA was tarnished by having the reader worry about what was going to happen to Todd and probably Marcus as well. If there's another book I could kind of settle down, but if there's not, it doesn't sit right with me. I guess I'm torn with how I feel. It was clever & def unexpected & pretty awesome. It just bums me out that we'll never know. :-/ BUT, with all of that mentioned I found this book ridiculously addictive and amusing. It was like Melrose Place/CSI/Nip Tuck and a combination of numerous other OTT shows. Good, solid fun.