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Touch & Geaux - Abigail Roux ******** SPOILERS ********* SPOILERS **********1.5 rounded to 2 for some parts that were so OTT, I had to laugh, and for 45% to 67% having some good parts. The more I think about this book, the more annoyed I'm becoming. Take for instance the Big Drama. That went NOWHERE. Okay, so these guys have been living together for a year or two, Zane is going to propose. I have to wonder though about all of this logic. Okay, Zane knows Ty has a lot secrets. They don't know about each other's past much. But BEFORE that gets discussed, he's ready to propose to Ty.The big reveals. I don't have time to go into the stupidity of all of those plot points, but sweet Jesus that made Days of Our Lives look like quality logical television. However, cast that away for a bit. All of that served in many ways to make Ty look even more like the perfect man who is a martyr (remember, Ty would go back to NOLA for people whereas Zane never would. Don't forget dear readers, Zane wouldn't have bought Ty an orchid because he's clearly not the romantic one. Don't forget Zane is the weak one and Ty is just doing his duty). But I thought the author had something there despite my problems mentioned above. I perked up. Oh shit, this is going to go somewhere finally! But it didn't. Zane beats the shit out of him as Ty says he's sorry and drowns his sorrows in whiskey. Okay, whatever, I thought some of that was really great. It just didn't go anywhere! So all that and then what? Ty recommends a month apart for Zane to find himself and have a life outside of Ty. Again Zane does need to do that. But what does the author do? She has him do art in his house by himself. She has him go to a baseball game by himself. It's mentioned he has zero friends yet a coworker asks him to be the best man -- because that makes total sense. Rather than go to the gym he goes and does things by himself. What did this all do? Then Ty shows up and asks, "Are you ready for me to come back?" At this point I may or may not have wanted to rip my Kindle into tiny shreads. What the fuck about Ty's problems??? Didn't he need to work on shit, too? Didn't he? Seems to me he did, but oh no, can't have Ty and Zane coming together to work on their problems and trust issues. That would even the playing field and be logical. No, let's have Zane spend time fingerpainting on his easel and taking long introspective walks so he can ponder his general weakness. Bahhh! Fuck all that noise. The first sex scene was a complete throw away. The second one was defintitely the best, although I didn't find it hot. I at least felt the emotion surrounding that whole scene. The third one I stopped 4x while reading it because I don't need an instruction manual on how to have sex. "Ty moved hand" "Zane lifted leg" "Ty leaned down" Boring.The Oddities:*Ty doesn't grap his weapon when they land in NOLA. Okay, he's FBI, he's Recon, he's supposedly going to a city where his friend said they are accusing him of murder, he's got enemies there: Why the fuck wouldn't you grab your weapon, dude? *The flashbacks didn't add much of anything. Yeah, we learn of some dude that supposedly changed Ty's life in the military, but the reader didn't really experience that. We were told that (by the way, there is LOADS of telling in this book). The one of Ty in NOLA is what it is. It's not needed, and what was the point? To show the reader that even when Zane was with his wife nothing would have been stronger than his attraction to Ty? The Zane one I have zero recollection of so that should tell you how uber important it is.*Zane seems pretty slow at times. Ohhhh, so wait...let me run this through my brain...your friend said he was accused of murder and we run into him and your friends who are laughing and saying we are celebrating a party...so wait? it's party time? Yes, Jesus. Also, he wasn't aware Ty was superstitious?? Since, when? He's lived with him how long? Didn't he have all kinds of superstitions about baseball etc? Comments like: "Ty's expression remained impassive, which was singularly annoying, since Zane usually read him so well." Well, actually, no, you didn't slow ass. You sure seemed shocked as hell at all this horrendous betrayal.*Ty looks at the note that says Liam..."Was his name Liam Bell?" Uh, maybe? Do NOT get me started on that lemon juice fucking note and all that EXACT moments that needed to happen for that to occur. *This is the 7th book. The 7th. Why am I still getting play-by-play reminders of basic events and characters? I don't need a recap every book.*There is a lot of telling me what Ty would do/what Zane would do throught the book. *The random Nick POV's were distracting.* “For your . . . So few people have ever understood the way I work. In here.” He tapped his chest. “Thank you for . . . your insight.” - Um, what?*"They know what you looked like. If they found out your identity or location, they’d come for you, and they’d come hard. Almost every time Burns has called me for a job, it’s been to head them off." - If this was the case, then why was Zane doing publicity? Why was Zane doing that ridiculous calendar?*It's stated SOCOM is defunct and is now MARSOC. To the best of my knowledge, SOCOM is charged with overseeing the various Special Operations Component Commands of the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps of the United States Armed Forces. MARSOC was started in 2006 and is the Marines Special Forces Command.*The big fake plan with Liam. Yeah, yeah its OTT and not logical, but besides that, can't these fuckers drive out of NOLA? *The cartel, Ava's hoodoo voodoo Cajun daddy plot, the NIA...oh just stop.*Ty and Zane are there to meet Ava's father at Six Flags. Ty worked undercover in NOLA and left after Katrina. Ava's father wants all the info Ty had on him. Ty says Katrina wiped it out. I just can't even with this stupid. I mean we did have warning about Katrina. People were evacuating before it made landfall. I was in New Orleans the Saturday before it hit and I sat in fucking 10 hours of traffic to go 70 miles away. B/c everyone was fucking evacuating. It didn't land till Monday. But aside from all that, wouldn't a FBI agent working undercover who had uncovered major corruption with the city's police have backups or have sent or saved the shit elsewhere??? What is this Wild Things swamp logic?*The timeline for the books was off in several places. *There were quite a few typos/errors.*Do Marines going into a cemetary for a shoot-out or whatever need an info dump about stuff from the 1700s?*Zane on a motorcylce = John Travolta from Wild Hogs. Ok, I'm dying of laughter again.*Ty's reasons and means of spying on Zane for 2 years are never explained or explored in ways they could have been. We just get it was my duty and Zane is all aghast because someone disrupted his color-organized sock drawer.*No one is attracted to Zane without either some Ty connection or having twice as many people coming forward with love or pure devotion to Ty.*One of my big issues though is Ty is going on deployment for Lord knows how long, and he kissed and outed Zane when he knows he's leaving. He's leaving Zane to deal with the aftermath. I guess it's supposed to be romantic, but it still bothered me.*You're supposed to be discharged from the military before applying for the FBI so I guess...what? I can't even try and shift through the plot to try and explain.*FBI agents can retire with 20 years at the age of 50 or they can retire with 25 years of service. So, he's what maybe 45? And he just made 21 years? So, Zane is looking at a minimum of several years before he's up for retirement, yet the book didn't really make it seem like that to me.*Also, I really feel that this book and their issues should have come 5th not 7th. It would have made much more sense for Ty to take off after Zane finally admitted he loved Ty and all of that angst. Then, Ty could have come back and all these secrets could have come out. It does not make any sense in their story arc to have this book happening right now.That ending wasn't a shocker at all. At all. From the moment it was mentioned, I knew that's how the book would end.