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Six Degrees of Lust - Taylor V. Donovan I'll give this a 3.5.Overall, I would say its an enjoyable read. Mac and Sam were beyond hot together, and I liked the push/pull of their relationship, but there were some problems preventing me from giving this a higher rating. The prologue was pretty damn creepy, and I got really excited that this book was going to be a m/m series that was really dark. I don't think it lived up to that in that department. While the mystery is focused on a serial killer religious fanatic, after the prologue I never really felt nervous or scared except for when Christian's boyfriend, Julian tried to get on the elevator with him. I still kind of liked guessing things though. I love, love mystery books so I try to read any m/m book that has a mystery element.I found myself often, however, more interested in Logan, Christian, and the elusive Remy than I was with Mac and Sam. Speaking of extra characters I get this is supposed to be an ensemble series, but it didn't really read like an ensemble series. For me, if its going to work like an ensemble I need to have for the most part equal time spent with the characters and have all of them progress from book to book. This felt more like in this book we'll learn mostly about Mac and Sam, and then we'll be introduced to a whole bunch of extra characters but not learn much about them but at some point they'll be more of a focus. I don't know but I guess in doing it like that it led to a lot of confusion and feeling unsatisfied. I wanted to know more if I was going to spend time with them. Plus the POV got to be a little tiresome as well as confusing sometimes switching sentence to sentence.Now the cliffhanger. I agree that Sam and Mac end with a HFN but it was shaky at best. I still could have dealt with that though if at least the crime had been solved. It seemed fairly obvious or least down to 1-3 suspects for the killer so I don't really think it was necessary to drag it out for another book. Of course, I could be completely wrong about the options, but I still don't feel the mystery element had been built up enough to last another book or for the rest of the series. When it was over, I didn't feel like anything at all was resolved with any of the characters or the story arc and that makes be cranky.Sighhh, but OK I still liked it. I still want Sam and Mac to be happy together and I want their friends to have some happiness. I'll read the next one, but I hope that we learn much more about Sascha, Logan, and we get some progress with Remy and Christian. Plus, I want to know if Julian is the killer, if Duncan is the killer, if either Remy or Braxton knew Julian beforehand, why does Julian hate Braxton?, who was the blond boy in the beginning and who was he with?, is the killer one of the dads? Will Sam ever stop being a prick and give in? Seeeeee???!!