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The Emo and the Jock - N. Phillips So, uh, wow. This started out really bad for me. I get the stereotype, but it felt like the author was trying to beat me over the head with it. The characters have names. I don't need them referred to as "emo" and "jock" repeatedly. The characterizations should be enough description. Also, the writing was too simplistic at times, well most of the time. I do think the relationship was built pretty reasonably, but I just didn't find myself really attached to either character. Even with all that though, this was probably headed for a 2.5 rating. However, the Charlie situation towards the end blew out all my what the ever living fuck signals, and I just couldn't. I can't. This is the 4th YA m/m novel that has had this type of situation in it that I've read in probably the last 6th months. It does nothing for the story but steer it towards ridiculousness. Do I think it can be written in and done well? Sure, but I've yet to seen it done so. At least not in the m/m genre. This is really disappointing because opposites attract and enemies to lovers are my favorite tropes in books. I"m not going to write this author off though. I think with some great content editing future books have the potential to turn out great. This one just didn't work for me on several levels.For a great review though, check out Nik's. She obviously had similar problems as I did, but enjoyed it a bit better.