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Will Grayson, Will Grayson - 'John Green',  'David Levithan' So, this is one of those books where I won’t read the lower rated reviews, which I almost always do either before or after reading a book. The reason I won’t for this book is because it touched something so deeply personal that I think I might feel like I’m reading about someone that doesn’t understand me.I’ll never review this book as well as it could be, but read the sample and if it doesn’t immediately draw you in, you might never ever relate to it. If you do enjoy it, it only gets better and more honest.The one criticism I might make about this book is I don’t know how YA it truly is. Of course, maybe I’ve just never truly grown up. All I know is I don’t think at 16 I would have nearly appreciated this book for what it is, but at 30, the characters and the insight spoke to me in volumes. I was and am some of these kids – if not all of them at different times. Some might say it’s depressing and that’s very true. But, depression is real and as a teenager (and adult) you don’t always think things are going to get better. You can be cynical and feel drawn to other cynical people. You sometimes think those that are always THEM aka the 'others' aren’t really how people are. As Will would say, that statement is both true and not true. But for as depressing as it might be, my fuck, I laughed my ass off the majority of it. Of course, there were a few ugly-face-cry moments thrown in as well.Characters like Tiny Cooper break up both Wills’ inner dialogue and he’s not there just as a ploy to bring happiness. He’s a real breathing character that exists – as they all do vividly – and he shows the reader that sometimes you can take a break and realize that people are different, and no one is perfect, but difference in all shapes and sizes, genders, personalities, etc can intersect and add something to your life. Sometimes you feel like you are alone and no one gets you. You keep your head down and you are an introvert going through life with a hilarious inner dialogue commenting on things you are desperate to release but sometimes feel no one will get.That when you least expect it, sometimes all you have to do is breathe and reach out to someone unexpected that might understand you. They don’t have to get all of you. No one probably truly ever will. But, someone will get some part of you and some special moments can happen.Loved it. Adored it. This book has its stars in Tiny, Will, Will, Jane, Gideon, Nick, Gary, but what it really does is tell the reader that things are both right and not right all the time, but you can get through it.