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The Heart of the Jungle - Jeremy Pack I don't even know where to begin. When this started with the prologue, I thought the dialogue, word choices, and style of the book had to be purposefully odd. Something as over-the-top as movies like Body Heat, Wild Things, or Romancing the Stone. I laughed thinking I was in on the joke. But, by about maybe the second or third chapter I started thinking I had been way, way wrong. Then, the clich├ęs, characters, and plot all became painful to read. I didn't feel any heat between the two MCs. Why on Earth did they like each other???? And please, there is no way from the interactions the reader read that I could be convinced they were building upon love. I dislike insta-love immensely as well. You can guess the plot twist and bad guys by about 40% & every kitchen sink Matlock mystery element was thrown in. Of course the main detective would be incompetent and chewing on cigars and snickering in his laziness. Of course the mourning man would be quiet, beautiful, and drawing the men in like honey while looking down & being demure. Of course the former FBI agent that never believed in love and has the flashing white teeth falls for the simple, unassuming man in a day or two and he's never felt anything like this in 48 hours. It's crazy!Of course the shit goes down in Las Vegas because they don't call it "Sin City" for nothin. *wink wink nudge*The child felt like a convenient plot device that made no sense. On second thought, maybe this all was tongue-in-cheek. I've heard author's second book is much, much better & a totally different style so I'll still check it out. Maybe this was just a debut book that needed to have the kinks ironed out.