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Louder Than Sirens, Louder Than Bells (Love is Always Write) - K.D. Sarge So the author had 45 days to write this and for that, I give her credit for the end product. That being said, I had numerous problems with this. Lukas is the too-perfect hero and Alan is the desperate, effeminate counter that, seems to me, needs saving. It didn't read like love at times, but more like dependency. It read like Alan thought that Lukas was what he needed to reach some level of normalcy in his mind, and that Lukas was intrigued by someone so completely opposite of him. But for the majority of the book, I did not like Alan and did not like the way Lukas' attraction to Alan read.The author tried to do too much within this story so it often felt like I was reading 6 different books. It made me want to skim, which I normally never do. I didn't feel like the story came full circle either because what happened with the school project or the two guys that never showed up to work? That plot point was dropped and the story veered into some very heavy topics that again felt out of place in conjunction with the rest.The texting parts were wonderful, but the dialogue between the two main characters never lived up to the texts. I loved those special moments within the book that I found often enough, but I had to trudge through too many other unnecessary elements to find them.Also, this is not a stream of conscious journal. I don't need to read: On Monday this happened, Tuesday night we did this, Friday Alan called. It took me out of the book every time.The ending and that huge life decision was just too much. I didn't find it even remotely sweet because it felt trite in comparison to where they were at in their lives and their relationship.I did like them together at times, but their interactions and chemistry needed to be fleshed out more. Overall, I liked it and I would love to see what could be become of their journey given more time to flesh the overall arc out.