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Play Me, I'm Yours - Madison Parker This was really sweet, but for my tastes, too sweet. And I'm probably heartless but Lucas cried enough in this book he reminded me of that Alice in Wonderland scene where she cries so much she floods everything. Donovan had potential to be interesting and multi-layered, but I didn't feel he was developed enough. I didn't mind the BDSM elements introduced at the end. People that are into that stuff can be of any age, and it wasn't on page so I didn't feel it was too much for the YA crowd. I did, however, feel it was weird in this book. This book was all Candyland and that element and storyline (with Donovan) threw the pacing and thematic elements off for me.I liked Alex and Tricia fine, but they felt a little like place-holders than fully realized characters. The parents' relationship with Lucas could have been really explored, and I felt the author scratched the surface, but I wasn't particularily invested. I'm glad Lucas had someone like Zach.Overall, it's a cute book and a very quick read. I didn't enjoy it as much as the author's first work, but I might be interested in reading Donovan's story, if she was inclined to write it.