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Starfish and Coffee

Starfish and Coffee - Kele Moon A more detailed review later, but this is waffling around a 4 or 4.5 so I'm rounding up.I hate to say it, but Will practically ruined this book for me. Dude was a dick of epic porportions to more than one person, and fuck, I wanted him to jump into an active volcano.There were also, ehhh, some very minor typos and grammar errors.The big misunderstanding at 92%, along with the hurtful (but realistic) pretend game, kind of diminished my glow.I would have liked the ending to focus more on Alex and Matt currently and to have seen them really work through their problems and learn to love each other as the men of today.But, you know what?? Who. Fucking. Cares.This book made me so happy on so many levels for so long. I held off finishing it because it made me so happy. The characters were realistic, yet dreamy enough to hold the ideal nature of that one true love and romanticism in books I seek. The dialouge felt natural, witty, and at times, downright filthy. I completely bought Matt and Alex's relationship because the author took the time to build it. I read their memories of them passing each other by for years in school and on the beach to reading about when they first started working together and not being able to deny their attraction. She built their interactions up slowly, but never to where it dragged out. There is a ton of sex in this book, but it always felt fresh, new, and exciting, so that I felt like I was really experiencing their connections as the characters did.The first 'I love yous' broke my fucking heart into a million pieces, and I swear I will never look at a marlin again without thinking of these two men. Who the fuck would ever think I'd say that statement, especially about a fish, but that's the beauty of this author's writing for that scene.This book made me feel like the two men felt at the beach, where I was off somewhere in this hidden special vacational place, but I felt safe and at home. I didn't want to return to a reality of my own or somewhere that Matty and Lex weren't together.So, this book isn't perfect and I've noticed the friends that I almost always agree with on books have rated this between a 3 to a 5. I can see reasonings for any of those ratings, but I think anyone would enjoy this book as a getaway.