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I love books from all genres, but right now I'm on a mystery, contemporary, and YA kick.  I have two cats, Monkey and Peepers.

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The Island

The Island - Lisa Henry I thought the beginning was good, especially with Lee's fugue states. I really enjoyed the moments he had on the beach too with the sand dollars. I guessed that twist with Adam very early on though so that wasn't anything special to me. Then came 65%, and from that point till 80% I absolutely hated the book. So many WTF moments I lost count. Lee trying for sex with Adam after 8 weeks of being tortured, raped, & dehumanized. He's seen his captors murdered & almost died in the ocean. All of a sudden he's like let's fuck???? It totally threw me. That and the pace in general isnt that entertaining for me. I didn't cry & my stomach was never in knots. Adam supposedly wasn't thinking with his cock, but then they have sex twice already in one day. In his mind, once he gets to Australia they are done. Why on earth would you have sex with someone that tramautized more than once if you think your just going to leave him when you get home? Then he tells Lee its not a good idea to do that again. I mean WTF. Hello jerkface, use your brain. I'm not a counsler or anything but I just don't see how a man having sex with a raped tortured victim one day after is romantic. Espcially when said victim is sobbing on top of him covered in scars and bruises. I really got irrated at the whole "exorcism" idea too. I mean seriously those men aren't demons you can cry fuck out of you one time before you desperately get to Sydney From around 80% till 95% I was unconvinced and slightly bored. However, the last 5% saved it.