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Beyond Eden

Beyond Eden - Kele Moon So, I'm going to go against the grain. I've really loved some of this author's other books. In fact, they've all gotten 3.5 or higher, but this was made of pure bad. And my enjoyment and rating has nothing to do with a female being in this book or it being a m/m/f book. This book did not work for me on all levels.The plot was awful, the incessant nicknames made me want to punch innocent things, the sex scenes were a pile of blah or ridiculousness, and the characters might be the most hated characters I've read about in some time.I read a lot of wackadoo books with murderers, sociopaths, unsavory characters (if you will) and yet have and do rate those books highly. This book in terms of that level had very tame characters, but what made this book different than the others is that the author wrote those characters or plot in interesting ways. I was drawn to it and them and wanted to know more. This was just awful. These characters were sulking, whining, cheating, simpering, self-absorbed assssssssssholes. Assholes I wished to jump into an active volcano. Assholes I wished to never read another line about again. Seriously, every single one of them was a total jerk. Supposedly the prequel, which is the second book featuring just the male couple, is amazing and I have no idea why, but I'm willing to read it. Probably because the only glimmer of good parts I saw were with Danny and Paul alone. There were definite moments there where I saw something, but either the addition of some very nonbelivable aspects with Evie or their own personaties tarnished everything. So, yeah, I'm going to pretend this book never, ever, ever happened.