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Power Play: Resistance: Volume 1

Power Play: Resistance - Rachel Haimowitz, Cat Grant This will be a review rant and there will be tons and tons and tons of spoilers so don't read if that's not your thing. This rating stands depending on the next book. I have some ideas of what's going on and where it's heading. However, the last 4% had me a bit perplexed so if it doesn't head in a different direction I might change my rating. This book is very well written, but it pissed me the hell off. Ok Spoiler time.How in the fuck is Jonathan a Dom?? He is not. He is a sadist that is so fucking warped in thinking that he's helping Brandon. Jesus fucking Christ, how many times OUT LOUD did Brandon tell Jonathon that he was terrified or did Jonathan notice that he was?Bran sucked in a huge breath, and whispered on the exhale, “You fucking terrify me.”***************He clenched his hands behind his back, desperate to rub at his still-throbbing leg, terrified that Jonathan would zap him again if he did.***************He glanced up, saw Brandon’s head tipped back, eyes fixed on the ceiling, cheeks streaked with sweat and at least a few tears. He looked . . . terrified.***************Does any of that sound remotely like a responsible Dom? Now, I want to get to the safeword. What fucking safeword????? He used that to manipulate Brandon over and over and OVER again. You must use them if it gets to be too much, but ohhh ohhh ohhhh!!! nope, nope see all these times you are using them?? You don't REALLY need to use them. I see that you are crying, abused, shaken to the core, but I just don't think you've suffered enough and I've gotten enough pleasure from it. Also, it was like ohhhh, you safeworded?? Really, bitch? Really? That must mean you want to go home with no money and humiliated. Suit yourself, dog. By the motherfuckin way, did you know that starving someone is totally the way to show you care about them??? What fucking warped ass shit is that?? I swear to GOD I wanted to scream!!Oh, BUT THEN, there comes the enema when Brandon hasn't eaten in 4 days and starts violently cramping from the pain of the water going in him. Dude, Jonathan you are disgusting. But, then to top it off he puts him a fucking cage and then a glass coffin!! Then, Devon, Devon, Devon. Devon you are a sick fuck and a complete deviant and I want you to burn in a fire. He tells Jonathon to break Brandon to get him to leave and to do it with any means necessary. Listen you sick fuck, I'm going cut the skin off your balls, put it in pig shit, and then make you eat it.And, Jonathan is like oh really? I should beat him and make him cry to leave? How clever!!! He's alllll And THEN oh the beating that stemmed from Jonathan only wanting Brandon to just give in and leave, and Jonathan thinks it's his dad? And my thought to Jonathan at that moment was But then even after all that when Brandon leaves and THEN comes the fuck back NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO he's telling Jonathan how he felt and Brandon is what's this???? And to say oh I'll take some of the blame. NO motherfucker, you abused him, you humiliated him, you starved him and you held money over his head. You didn't make him feel safe. He couldn't enjoy the pain because he never fucking felt safe with Jonathan. And, I"m starting to think there is a bit of Stockholm Syndrome going on. Fucking disturbing.Jonathan, I'm watching you.I already bought the second one and plan on starting it tonight. If the authors can convince me that Jonathan knows he was wrong, then it will be a brilliant series.