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I love books from all genres, but right now I'm on a mystery, contemporary, and YA kick.  I have two cats, Monkey and Peepers.

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One Breath, One Bullet (The Borders War)

One Breath One Bullet - S.A. McAuley 3.5 Further review to come.I wanted soooooo much to give this a 4 or higher because the writing was on-point. However, the timeline was ridiculously confusing and there was so much told to us without explanation that I realized had this been fleshed out more; it would have been a solid 4 or 5. World-bulding was great, characters great, and I'm definitely intrigued. I really want to know the whole back-history and present day history of these characters. I know this is to be a series, but I still felt it was too much story packed within this first clip. It felt a little derivative of Special Forces and Hunger Games, but not so much that it became distracting. Fans of both should like this. Still...a solid start.