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One Small Thing

One Small Thing - Piper Vaughn 3 stars. I wanted to give this a 4 so bad, but I had several problems. Some are just personal, for instance I'm not a fan of kids at any age from newborn till around age 15. That's all on me since Alice seemed like really sweet child. Still, the subject matter didn't interest me.Also, Rue appeared to be a complete slut yet the first and only girl he's with he doesn't worry about birth control or condoms?? I guess the baby plot had to be there, but it really stuck out for me.Also, up until maybe 50%, I really thought that Dusty was going to be with Erik and it was kind of odd to me.I thought the salon-must-go-to-California angst plot point was seriously weak. I mean Rue is in his early 20's. That is plenty of time to discuss with Erik what their future plans are and figure out what each of them is comfortable with and what they'd like to do. So this whole we MUST end if I can't take you to California plot device seemed a bit contrived.Also, up until about 60%, I really felt most of the relationship between Rue and Erik was told rather than seen. It didn't really allow me to get attached to either until way later in the book.Also things like being told that Rue knew Erik was inexperienced with sex. How??? When did this discussion come up? Also, why would someone that wore purple fishnets with a pink bikini bottom briefs and a rainbow headband be jumping into the bed with a woman? I mean I"m not trying to stereotype or judge, but based on my own personal experience with my gay friends and straight women, that just doesn't seem likely.All that said, I think these two authors when they are in their groove, write intimacy and sex so, so fucking well. After Rue and Erik got together??? Golden. So much goodness and tenderness and hotness. Overall, good book that could have been great with some kinks worked out.