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I love books from all genres, but right now I'm on a mystery, contemporary, and YA kick.  I have two cats, Monkey and Peepers.

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Evenfall (In the Company of Shadows, #1)

Evenfall (In the Company of Shadows, #1) - Santino Hassell,  Ais Ok, I might get back to a more detailed review later, but I am literally exhausted. So, 5 stars for the world building, the complexity of the plot, and the characterizations. It was so detailed and thought out and dammit free I can't fault the authors for that. That being said, I have never been so glad to finish a book that I was enjoying. I truly feel at least 30% of this could have been deleted and it still would have been amazing. I never skim, never, but I just couldn't help it. After a certain point, I couldn't take it anymore. Then, I would get to those moments or passages that were so emotional and enthralling that I had to read every word several times. Still despite all that, I just can't give this book more than a 3. I'm still looking forward to the rest of the series though and plan to finish it.