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I love books from all genres, but right now I'm on a mystery, contemporary, and YA kick.  I have two cats, Monkey and Peepers.

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I've been out of my blood pressure medicine for over a week and having arguments with the doctor over getting my script (the pharmacist has even cursed them out), I'm dealing with a claims error issue from same doctor for blood work billing, and I want something to decompress with and enjoy. 


I keep thinking of trying the new Heidi one -- because mental illness is something in books I almost always want to read about and see how it's brought to life.  But then it's NA, omg the NA.  *whines*  Pretty much the only NA book dealing with depression I loved was Take the Long Way Home by JA Rock, which was almost perfection. 


And then I'm wondering if I'm just jaded and grumpy and hating m/m or romance lately because truthfully?...I'm not really liking anything I'm reading.  I don't trust author reviews and pimping, or the gaggle of fans to rush to read what their bff authors are telling them to, I don't know if I can trust many reviewers anymore not because of rating inflations but I just think I don't love or want the same things anymore.  It's not new and there's not shiny wrapping paper over the genre and its inhabitants.  If you were placing me in reader years for this genre I'd be Sophia from The Golden Girls -- reading m/m on GRs since 2009 and reading m/m even longer than that.


I can't even muster a smile anymore when newer people gush about such and such author or such and such series.  I mean I'm happy for them; I wish I still had that enthusiasm, but I just don't.  I know of too many dramas and lies and bullshit.  I see too much lackluster editing or churned out story ideas. 


I used to review like mad and I think I've reviewed 2 books this year.  I'm in a slump with my slump.