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I use GRs oddly sometimes.  Meaning I update my damn percentage status at an annoying rate.  I don't know why I do it.  I don't even write words 99% of the time, just the number percentage.  Part of me thinks it keeps me going to reading, like I only have *so* much more to go.  Part of me thinks it's my OCD slipping out and how I like to make 800 million lists and updates on miniscule things in my life.


Point being, I'm reading a new book for review and I keep itching to update every 10 minutes and I can't fucking do it.


And no one else has the book yet, so I can't even discuss.  I at least have wine and lasagna.  Lots of wine.



What the heck?

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Some  of you with whom we chat on Amazon board already may know that, so forgive the repetition, but I guess  I still feel I need some more  ranting to do, so ignore please :).


So apparently preorders from Riptide are not refundable . I mean I knew the books are not refundable - I do not think any small publisher does the refunds, only Amazon? I still do not care for it much, but I get it. Preorders? Preorders? The product you have not delivered yet, you already grabbed the money and won't give it back to me? It did not happen to me just to clarify - happened to somebody else. You know, another one of disappointed Cut and Run fans, who previously preordered "Cut and crown" (shows how much we hate Nick and Kelly eh) and now changed her mind. What in the ever loving heck?


She was told that author already received the royalties, again on the product which had not been delivered to her yet ? Wow.


Then she was told that she can "gift" the order to somebody, but she cannot get the refund. That would help her how exactly?


As I said on Amazon I almost stopped preordering from them anyway, but sometimes did that - never again, just never.


You suck Riptide, sorry for the childish expression, but you truly do.

Captive Prince - DABWAHA finals! Please vote!!!

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Captive Prince: Volume One (Volume 1) - S. U. Pacat

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Support Captive Prince – Round 5 dabwaha

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Team Freece ~ Go Captive Prince! 

Vote for Captive Prince! I need to collect all of CS Pacat's bribes.

You only have until noon CST to vote, so do it right away.



Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

Daron's Guitar Chronicles: Volume One (Daron's Guitar Chronicles, #1) - Cecilia Tan

I liked this. I did. Daron is a fascinating character in that he seems SO normal and someone that most readers can relate to in his experiences. The first book is always what I call 'The Set-up'. The author is giving us background info necessary, but not always super intriguing or exciting. The parts with Matthew were sad. Just sad, but I liked that I got to see the struggle Daron feels with coming in to his own. It's not just gay/lesbians that have a problem coming out. Even bisexuals worry about what others think of them. I don't know enough of Daron yet to say if he's strictly dicky yet, but I could relate to going along with the experiences and sexuality of the moments but putting a voice to them wasn't something he could handle. I've been there.


His attraction or obsession or even curiosity towards Ziggy fascinated me. Again, I've been there. I think sometimes you meet people who you relate to, bond with, etc. but they are just tipped a bit more towards what you are comfortable with being to the public. That's how I read their relationship thus far. Ziggy lives and breathes music but he's tilted more towards the attention, the rush, the spontaneous moments, whereas Daron is a bit more reserved and logical towards life. But he's comfortable at the moment where he's at. He's not comfortable with himself or his place in life. Being comfortable with your present actions and being comfortable with your place in life are different feelings, but I get that Ziggy's energy draws him in.


However, this had a lot of filler that dragged for me. That girl who constantly chased after Daron, while I get her 'place', she bored me to death. Remo, Digger, and Bart's love life...all that I get is the support to Daron, but the pace dragged for me in places.


The last 20%, though, was special and different enough from the rest of the book that I felt like I was finally reading the 'real' Daron. On to book 2!

Daron's Guitar Chronicles: Volume One (Daron's Guitar Chronicles, #1) - Cecilia Tan



I'm laughing at the misspelled songs and band names, and I already feel protective of Daron.  I didn't grow up in my teens during the 80s but I do remember them and that time.  The makeup and club nights are all familiar because my friend Cory is obsessed with punk from that time period.

Bone Rider - J. Fally

I loved this book so damn hard!!! I love the characters, the humor, the action, the fact that the author wrote something so crazy and different and took chances and things are a mish-mash of every genre, but it all works. J. Fally is probably one of those authors that I’d love to go grab a beer or glass of wine with and discuss our favorite movies, books and the like because I’m dying for a sequel with these characters and this world. Sequel talk: more on that later because I will use whatever Tumblr inspiration pics I can find to inspire the woman for more!


OK, so as a Die Hard/District 9 aliens are among us! with assassins! and caves! plot this had it was basically straight-forward. An alien weapons-and-armor system abruptly crashes on Earth – right next to some military folks. These aliens use host bodies and as they fight with the humans, one particular alien decides to fight in a different manner, to take a different course. It manages to escape and enters cowboy Riley Cooper. Riley is fleeing from his hit man boyfriend, Misha. Misha and his friends and partners Andrej and Koyla are coming after Riley, but probably not for the reason he believes. So, cowboys, Russian hit men, aliens, military, road trip, etc. Just trust me. The alien or System Six invades Riley and uses him as his host. This is a pertinent part of the book, the relationship between man and alien, but this particular man is of most importance.


System Six or McClane as he begins to call himself after watching Die Hard has had other hosts before, but never anyone he bonded with on a real level. Riley and McClane bicker, they make each other laugh, they confide in each other, protect each other and sometimes need a stern talking to in order to not stray and do something crazy…like blow up humans. It’s a relationship the reader has to look at differently than Riley’s relationship with Misha. There is love there, even love similar to Misha, but it is most certainly a different and intriguing relationship. One I felt I just barely scratched (much like McClane does to Riley when he’s tense).


One thing I want to mention is McClane is hilarious as hell!! His running commentary on how yucky certain people were and his pride at holding back from killing characters or that he wanted “mancakes” made me *die*. He’s indignant, slithery, dangerous, confused with emotions, and he’s insistent that he’s not a parasite. He’s wise and clever, even.


“McClane’s not real,” he argued, once he was coherent again. “He’s a movie character. He’s make-believe.”


“All names are make-believe”.


The side characters brought me big smiley face joy because they stood out!! They had quirks and their relationships with the main characters and each other were all just slightly different and unique. The bromance between Misha and Andrej is probably my favorite friendship in a book this year, aside from Merrick and Crane from The Magpie Lord. Dr. Butler is a female that I admire, that intrigues me and I’d love more background story and future story with her. General Young had many facets because he was tough, of course, but he felt conflicted on many things, knew he might be wrong on several things, but the man kept on fighting. There are many more (with accompanying point of views) but I never felt confused with that and it kept me invested in all of the characters throughout. My only complaint is with so many point of views it did hinder me from getting to know any one character completely.


A morning scene and a shocked character in a car was powerful. Punch in the gut powerful.


The relationship between Riley and McClane is complex, especially given Riley’s relationship with Misha but it all works. I don’t understand how it does, but it’s fascinating and sexy and I would gladly be the third/fourth in that party.


This book is over the top and non-stop and many might roll their eyes, but I ADORED it. And what kills me – KILLS me – is a hinted at relationship between Andrej and his friend J.C. (I won’t go too much into J.C. because it’s best that readers experience the ride of the book than me go plot point by plot point). I don’t know if J.C. and Andrej are boinking but let me tell you – they are missing out, if they aren’t. Those two gahhhhhh sigghhhhh thud. Oh come on!!! Give. It. To. Me


This would make a perfect movie and I felt I only just got the beginnings of these characters and I mean that about every single one of them. I could read off-shoots about any of them and be happy, because the author knows how to write interesting and funny people. One of my definite faves of the year. So happy this gem came upon me towards the end of the year, too, to end it all amazeballs. I would hi-five McClane right now if I could.

Zombie Boyz - T.J. Klune,  Eric Arvin,  Ethan Stone,  Daniel A. Kaine,  Ethan Day,  Geoffrey Knight

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: 4 stars


Clearly the best story in the bunch this had me laughing right from the start. The two MC’s have liked each other from afar for quite a while and do to some hilarious bad meat at a fast food chain have their traditional romance go askew. One MC is the typical “outsider” and one the “popular jock” and the jock ingests some spoiled zombie meat (along with numerous others) and the town and world goes crazy. Chandler as the lovable nerd was fantastic and I LOVED that he got to be the hero for Zane. Every freakin’ line had me cracking up and at the same time was so brutally honest that it broke my heart a few times. But their love is so sweet and pure despite the gore and death that I fell in love with them and this story.


Surviving Sin City: 2.5 stars


This was more standard zombie fare and while it was good quality as far as writing and story; I found myself consistently losing interest and hoping it was over. It was fine and would have made a great starting point for a movie or TV show, but it wasn’t enough for me to get invested in the characters or the outcome. Set in Las Vegas, Kaleb is a local and Cooper is a vacationer alone because his boyfriend refused to come. It’s mostly all about getting them away from their location, fighting and running to a plane. But the story kind of just ends and it left me feeling like I said above: that I got the pilot episode in a TV series. It held promise, but didn’t fully deliver.


Ghoul’s Gym: 1 star


Sorry. I hated this story so much it’s ridiculous. Every single thing about it annoyed the ever-living crap out of me. I think Uly might be one of the most annoying characters I’ve ever read. He’s the innocent, hyper gym bunny bottom whose inner monologue made me wish he’d come to a slow and violent death. I normally like stories by these authors to some degree but this was just a hot mess. Jake was insecure, bitter and rambling and Uly’s character traits were told to me often but never shown. Anything hidden beneath that I was supposed to know about him I didn’t read about except that he liked to make odd statements that aimed for humor but fell so, so flat. The ‘roid dealer and that whole scene bored me to tears, felt so clichéd and gimmicky and disappointed me really in the potential for this story. Once at the gym and the big showdown I felt the story picked up, but it wasn’t enough to make up for the rest and once it was over I kept thinking what in the hell did I just read?

A Historical I Loved

Bonds Of Earth - G N Chevalier

I loved this book. No, I adored this book. I don’t think of myself as a lover of historicals, at least not in the m/m genre. I love them elsewhere, but it’s been extremely rare for me to fall for one with two male romantic leads. But this smashed every idea I might have had about my previous tries and made me cry and laugh and swoon like a ridiculous person.


Michael McCready returned from the war and is working in bath houses in New York. With a year of medical school under his belt, he has given up the dream after seeing all of the terror and death from his fellow soldiers. The one relationship Michael will do anything to protect is the one he has with his beloved sister. So when his uncle makes him a deal to save that relationship as long as he takes a position as a gardener on a country estate, Michael takes off for a completely different kind of life.


There are the husband and wife striving to save the house they love and have worked in for decades and hopeful to save the man of the house’s life before he hides and drinks himself away. There is the little girl who has lost so much and clings desperately the people she loves. And there is John (cue huge big, fat SWOON). John the man of privilege who gave it all away to join the front lines of the war, who can’t forgive himself for what he saw and felt he could have done, for the family he has lost, and the life he lost and felt he should have and could have had.


These people live and inhabit the mansion with Michael, but they don’t come alive until the combination of Michael and John’s growing friendship changes the mood and outlook of all five of them. This is a time when to love a man held far more risks than it does today. But their story wasn’t all about that and I’m so thankful. It wasn’t just a book about being a gay man in 1919. It’s a story about two men who had given up on many aspects in their lives, settled and then found another person who made them feel alive again. Found another person they would protect and who they wanted to be a better man for in the present and future. It was a slow journey of distrust, apathy, anger, fear, friendship, hope and love.


It’s a story of how to let someone close when it’s the one thing that scares you the most. It’s a wonderful novel with a believable and slowly-unfolding plot, fully realized characters both main and secondary, and a simple but so very special love between them all.

Holy Shit on a Cracker

There is crazy and then there is crazy.


After the drama on GRs, then FB, then GRs, and now back on FB; this one just keeps on going and going and going.  Kindle Alexander is another one who I've always known is off her rocker given her and her sock account/friends attacking people I know but this one in the link...gurl.



A lot to think on...

Rough Canvas - Joey W. Hill

This review won't be complete because I need to think more and more on this book.

I had numerous problems. I hate the pet names: Master and Pet. I found the POV switching to be incredibly distracting. There were far too many coincidences. The lack of getting to know the characters seriously hindered this book. Even after it's over, I still don't feel I know these characters. 

But that's where it becomes so difficult. The writing is exquisite. I seriously found myself moved over and over by this book. The BDSM club scene had me in tears. So many fucking times, I found myself in tears. But it's almost like a string of short essays or movies were strung together. So many SCENES evoked emotion in me, but you put it all together and if I came across either character in real life, I can't say I'd feel I'd know them. I can't tell you beyond sex and near damn obsession and art what either of them enjoys or who they are as people. After all is said and done, I still don't know why either really loves each other. I FEEL the love, I know genuinely they love each other, but the why and how I don't get.

These two dated or some semblance of that for 2.5 years but I don't feel either knew each other. They had settled in to this routine of only living in the present. The future and past wasn't spoken of and their love never given a voice. So if not observing Thomas paint and not observing the 1000000000000x we are reminded Marcus is gorgeous and the sex...what did these two have to connect them. 

want to love them and believe in them. But a relationship can't exist solely on sex and obsession. It can't rest solely on admiration for one's talent. It can't rest solely on being drawn to one's looks and how that person makes you feel in bed. And I never felt this book moved beyond that. Sex is a powerful thing and I've stayed in shitty relationships long after I should have because of the chemistry we had. But they always came to an end.

Even the convenient way Thomas discovers Marcus' past. It didn't feel real to me. It felt epic and grand but not real.

Even the proposal. It felt false for their characters. I can't buy a man so shut off from everyone to make some gesture like that. It had always been the two of them, Thomas stated. So why not then? And if it had always been the two of them, what drew them and kept them interested?

This book will continue to make me think...but this is my rambling thus far.

Cover Art Expose: Jordan Castillo Price!

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MnevermindGRNW interviewed author Jordan Castillo Price about her process in creating cover art, finding cover models, and what covers took the longest to make.

For those interested, we're also doing an ebook giveaway in the comments for a copy of her sci-fi novel Mnevermind 1; The Persistence of Memory.


(Mnevermind 2 is coming out later this month. Can't wait! I totally heart Elijah.)


Cover Art Expose and Giveaway with Jordan Castillo Price

Bonds Of Earth - G N Chevalier

51% in and...


I am in love, love, love -- love.  This is just a breath of fresh air.  Written beautifully, with fully developed characters, back story, and no sex or even true romance yet.  In other words, there is an actual plot and whether these men were gay, straight, asexual etc., I'd still be intrigued.

Meet Me in the Middle - L.A. Witt

So, I haven’t read the previous two books in this series and I was able to understand and follow just fine, in case anyone was curious. This is the story of Dale and Adam – two high school best friends who acted on an attraction right after they graduated high school and right before Adam left for the military. They lost contact until their ten year reunion where they once again acted on a mutual attraction before Adam crushed Dale’s heart. The time has come for their 20th high school anniversary and Dale is determined not to let history repeat itself.


Of course things do and they are both left to deal with the aftermath and the knowledge that Adam will be retiring from the Navy soon. They definitely want to rebuild their friendship, but Dale needs more, he needs a promise and he needs to know what happened in the past won’t happen in their future.


This was surprisingly less angsty that I thought it would be, certainly more hot than I expected, and overall, I really enjoyed this book. There were some small niggles for me such as I loved, loved Adam and Dale’s interactions, yet I found their interactions with Dale’s friends (the couples from the first two books) to be stilted and awkward. How many times is the reader going to get the same Ethan is old joke? Enough, please. How many times do I need to read about how sexxxxxxy Keiran is or how he turned Alex in to a naughty boy? I get it. Really. How many times am I going to read that Dale wonders if the other two other couples are getting it on behind closed doors and he’s jealous? Jesus, just ask if you can join in! It was repetitious and I just wanted to get back to Dale and Adam.


Another small problem was that I didn’t really get much bonding time with the guys as a couple. Like sure they were best friends twenty years ago, and sure they are IM’ing, Skype’ing, etc. but the reader doesn’t read that many conversations between the two. Although the part where Adam told Dale sometimes people need to take things slow kind of melted me a bit. However, sexually these guys were stupid hot together and I definitely felt a connection with them as a couple there. I liked that they agreed to start out as friends and had small little trips here and there. It’s not that I don’t believe them as a couple; I just wish I’d gotten a tiny bit more.


But this was fast and sweet and hot…I’d read more in this series for sure.

Rare - Garrett Leigh

So this is the second book dealing with Ash and Pete as a couple and the aftermath of Ash’s mental breakdown. I think I went in to this with the idea that Ash and Pete would explore their romance more or have typical romance book issues. But that’s certainly not what I read, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing at all, just not what I was expecting. However, I probably shouldn’t have had any preconceived notions as Ash and Pete have a very special and strong connection, so their issues or problems are mostly from outside sources causing them conflict.


This novel, like the last, alternates POVs between tattoo artist, Ash and his lover, EMT, Pete. Ash has just returned to Chicago after a visit to Philadelphia with his friend, Ellie. It was there, in Philadelphia, that Ash draws a picture of a beautiful woman – a woman who he wonders might be a part of his past.


Upon his return, numerous life changes happen for the men. There’s the new apartment, Pete considering a career change (one that won’t be so sad and take him away from Ash), a birthday, and the two of them making a conscious effort to talk about their thoughts, emotions and what might be making them either happy or upset. There is a lot of family drama, many manic actions, ups and downs of emotions, and that’s just in the first part. Truthfully, the first part wasn’t my fave. Unfortunately, due to spoilers, I can’t really explain why, but I’ll say that the outside conflict didn’t hold my interest and felt too far-fetched. It all felt like a string of coincidences and that threw me out of their story. Also, this is just my personal reaction to the events, but the first part and Pete’s job was just so damn depressing. The book doesn’t sugarcoat death or abuse etc. And because so much of what Pete and Ash were dealing with didn’t involve each of them discussing things as a couple, I felt distanced from them. Ash dealt or thought about his issues in his head (that included the mysterious woman from Philadelphia) and Pete thought about his troubles in his own head. It makes sense if I think about it, these two men still learning that they can lean on each other and they don’t have to handle things by themselves, and them coming together in the second part.


Which leads me to the second part and a terrible accident with a character, that again requires some suspension of disbelief. That is where the story shifted for me, the love between Pete and Ash came alive, and I fell in love with them. The reader sees the characters’ roles switch slightly and Ash grows and his strength is a beautiful thing to read. Ash needs to trust himself, he has to actually have hope for something in his life, and that trust and hope needs to be strong for Pete. It was pretty heartbreaking and I just imagined how lost both of them felt at different times and how badly they wanted things to go back to the way they were before. The sketching on the couch at Pete’s mom’s house also really touched me.


Overall, I liked this. I wasn’t happy with the overall plot or the way some of the secondary characters developed, but I really do love Ash and Pete. They just have a special connection that I feel. I’m not sure why, but I often read them imagining them in this little snow globe while the world goes about their business outside of that glass. They just have this solid love for each other despite everything working its way to tear them apart. Some beautiful writing when it comes to their interactions.


I’ll read more about this couple for sure.